BALANCE your mind and YOUR body

Hi, I'm Jess. Here's what I know...

You are naturally at ease, loving, compassionate, confident and highly capable.

You may not be feeling all of these right now and that's ok. You haven't done anything wrong.

It simply means your brilliant mind and body adopted protective strategies in response to past pain and overwhelm.

These strategies, although beneficial in the short term, often create problems down the track.

It can be hard to know the best way forward. You do all the things but nothing changes.

Something's stuck, something's out of balance.

That's where I come in...

My goal is to empower you to create the life you want. To help you let go of anything that no longer serves you and to cultivate inner awareness to respond to your body’s cues.

I want to help you to respond to life’s challenges with conscious awareness, not merely at the mercy of unconscious impulses, perpetuating cycles that no longer align with how you want to show up in the world..
Ultimately my goal is for you to find the confidence and resilience to work through whatever life throws at you.

I look forward to meeting you and being part of your soul's journey.

My goal

After beating cancer twice and living with tension and chronic headaches most of my adult life, I know first hand how hard it can be to keep on top of your physical, mental and emotional health.
I'm intuitively led in the work I do. I take a trauma and nervous system informed approach combined with energy work and other complimentary methods.

My work integrates the grounded nature of science with the limitless potential of spirit.
My approach is to be your guide. You already have all you need inside you, it's my job to just help you peel back the layers and show you the way.

My approach

It's all about our subconscious mind and and the energetic baggage we hold in our bodies.
Did you know that your past  - via the subconscious - drives most of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours every day?

The thing is our bodies want to release these patterns and as an intelligent system they can show us the way. With the right tools and awareness you can create new pathways that reflect who you want to be.

My discovery

I‘ve had a long and diverse career as a nurse, most recently in general practice. I enjoyed my time in general practice but found I was limited in what I could offer patients through conventional medical means only.
I frequently saw patients who wanted to improve chronic conditions but despite having the will to change, it very rarely happened. This is what led to further training.

I was determined to find out how to helps others heal at the deepest level, to bring their mind and body back into balance for greater peace and happiness.

My background

Who am I?

At my core I'm someone with a deep facination in what makes us tick. My passion is putting the pieces together, finding new ways of thinking and doing that bring more connection, more ease to our lives.

I live on the beautiful South Coast of NSW with my husband and 3 kids. I am a Registered Nurse with a degree in Exercise Science. I'm also a Certified Life and Nutritional Coach, Mind-body Practitioner, Root Cause Therapist and Ka Huna massage practitioner.


my mission

Heal the root cause of your problem.

A mind and body in balance, living authentically and free of the limiting programs and trauma of the past will heal itself.
You don’t have to actually “do” anything. You will learn it’s more about undoing. Of shedding the person you had to become - to be loved, connect, fit in, please others, be successful, survive – to embrace the individual you came here to be, authentically and unapologetically you!


Balance your mind and your body.

We'll develop your ability to bring awareness to areas of imbalance and develop the necessary tools to bring yourself back to wholeness. You'll cultivate the ability to fully embrace all parts of yourself without guilt or judgement. You'll be able to learn from your past without being held captive by it’s thoughts and emotions.
Energy work, massage, nervous system tools and somatic exercises will assist you throughout your healing journey.


Connect to your body and the world around you.

By creating self-awareness we can start to identify triggers. Certain people or situations that are keeping you stuck in past patterns, unable to be fully present in the now. From here we can begin to develop your intuition and capacity to sit with difficult thoughts and emotions. You'll learn to respond consciously rather than reacting from past programs that no longer serve you.


Liberate yourself from the need to “fix” yourself.

You are not broken… you are perfect and whole just as you are. To begin healing we need to open our hearts and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We need to accept where we're at and meet ourselves with love and compassion. From here we can begin to regulate our nervous system and move out of survival mode and into safety and connection. 


the steps

Creating change without help can be difficult as one’s behavioural patterns are often so enmeshed with their sense of self it can be difficult to acknowledge that another way is available much less possible.

At SCP our goal is to help you awaken to your authentic self, to tap into your innate wisdom and empower you with the necessary tools to heal yourself.

Our aim is to release old stored mental thought patterns, behaviours and stuck emotions to restore balance to your mind and body.

A mind and body living authentically and in balance is calm and experiences less dis-ease. It has an innate intelligence that will heal itself. 

Your mind and body are playing out patterns that they’ve adopted for your survival. They have created stories and ways of being in the world that have helped you feel safe and connected.

That’s ok, they’ve helped you get this far but now it’s time for you to reclaim your power… your mind and body will continue to tell their story, a story of your past… now is the time for you to step into the life you’ve always wanted and reclaim your future.

I am intuitively led in all the work I do. I take a trauma and nervous system informed approach. To assist you on your healing journey I draw upon many sources of knowledge and healing modalities in addition to my professional and lived experience. I intuitively draw upon what is best for you and tailor your package in a way that will best meet you where you’re at. 


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What is Ka Huna Massage?

Ka Huna massage originated in the South Pacific and was used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage and healing system. It is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage and Lomi Lomi.

This beautiful form of massage provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in it's physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Who can receive Ka Huna Massage?

Everybody, regardless of body shape, age or state of health can receive Ka Huna massage.
Whether you're feeling lack lustre, out of kilter, or pain, Ka Huna massage offers excellent treatment. People suffering stress, depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort and injuries, confusion, grief or loss may also benefit from Ka Huna massage. It can also assist if you're dealing with ongoing illness, work or relationship issues.

The magic and power of this healing system goes beyond what words are able to express. When experiencing Ka Huna massage people are amazed by the energy they receive from the healing sessions.


1HR Ka Huna Massage - $100

What is Root Cause HypnoTherapy?

Root-Cause HypnoTherapy is a powerful style of therapy that assists people in getting to the root cause of their current presenting symptoms.

Do you experience negative self-talk, unhelpful habits and behaviours or perhaps PTSD and procrastination from low self-belief because of painful events in the past or anxieties and worries about the future?
It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long-term change is possible.

This power of this method lies in the way that it works on all levels of our minds. The conscious mind, so you reading this now and the unconscious mind - where our automatic learnt behaviours and bottled-up emotions reside.

Unlike talk therapy which can leave you feeling worse with a long time frame to create change in behaviours and thoughts - this type of healing creates a space for you to unravel why you do, think or feel the way you do - and discover and shift any unwanted patterns consciously, with you in the driving seat along with the knowledge and guidance of your therapist.

Each RCT session runs for about 2hrs and includes energy healing, nervous system attunement, a lifestyle assessment.

single session - $180
3 session package - $480


Not just a band-aide solution, MindBody Coaching is a complete overhaul. Together we will address the deepest causes of your current issues. To do this we will tap into the wisdom of your own body to show us the way. Once identified we will release old limiting patterns and energetic blocks and restore balance to your mind and body. Taking a holistic approach we will address anything in your physical or energetic body that may be impacting your current health.

MBC is part talk and part meditation, muscle testing, emotional release, somatic tracking, nervous system regulation and energy healing.

Every session will be different as we draw upon the modalities best suited to you on the day.

Is MBC right for me?

Healing is for everyone! In saying that... you will find MBC beneficial if you are experiencing:
- Emotional problems
- Unwanted behaviours or habits 
- Chronic pain 
- High levels of stress
- Insomnia
- A general lack of fulfilment or enjoyment in life 


30min session - $65
1hr session - $100
2hr session - $180

My experience with Jess was transforming. I have an entirely new perspective on myself, my life and my future. The way she listened to me then transformed what I was saying into practical ways I could improve all aspects of my life.

Life changing! Jessica really put everything into perspective for me and has given me a new focus in life.

Jessica helped me clarify my own thought patterns and sabotaging behaviours. Practical suggestions and exercises offered brought about a new awareness to reflect on.

Jessica's gentle but honest approach is the perfect combination to call you in your crap but only to be gently encouraged.

Thank you Jess for helping me to identify my negative self talk and helping me realise I'm not alone.

Jessica was extremely helpful... She provided both professional advice and personal experience, which made me feel less ‘alone’ as I prepared to navigate my personal challenges ahead.

My experience with Jess was transforming. I have an entirely new perspective on myself, my life and my future. The way she listened to me then transformed what I was saying into practical ways I could improve all aspects of my life.

Life changing! Jessica really put everything into perspective for me and has given me a new focus in life.

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